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That Swarovski Hotel in British Columbia is Gonna Have Ice Ice, Baby

June 10, 2009 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

We were cruising around VegasChatter this morning when we pictured the glittering lights of the Vegas Strip — and our train of thought, naturally, wandered back to hotels, which made for an entire morning filled with visions of sparkling hotels dancing in our heads. And then we remembered: a sparkling hotel is going to exist soon.

Here's what the latest renderings of the interiors of that Swarovski crystal hotel up in British Columbia, Canada — officially called Sparkling Hill — are looking like. These should be ready for us to look at in real life when the hotel opens in March 2010, but for now we'll have to make do with these semi-blurry and not-so-sparkly sketches. But! We thought this place was going to have some crystal accents, not be totally blinged out with Swarovski. We're happy to report that we were wrong.

Also, rumor has it that the hotel will have a cold sauna for Whole-body Cryotherapy, where you spend up to three minutes in a chamber set at -110°C. Apparently this is a popular spa treatment in Europe (huh — who knew?) that helps reduce pain and releases mood-lifting endorphins.

Damn. That's a lotta ice! (Get it? Ice? Like bling? Okay.)

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