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Another Yummy Underwear-View Situation at The Cooper Square

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May 5, 2009 at 12:46 PM | by | ()

When the Cooper Square first opened, we saw panties in the window. The panty-view was part of what appeared to be some kind of in-room underwear shoot — but the panties stayed on (unlike a recent photoshoot at fellow trendy Manhattan newcomer The Standard, during which nothing except dirty shoes seemed to be staying on).

And the panties (or, um, gigantic briefs, we suppose) continue to stay on at the Cooper Square — but this time, they're stayin' on a clothesline...and you can see 'em from the bar terrace. Nice.

We nabbed this shot off of Flickr, which was posted by user carolvinzant who titled the photo: "Cooper Square Hotel Bar out my bedroom window. Notice clothesline." Yes, we noticed. Can't wait to sip margaritas and take in the yummy delicious view out there all summer long.

[Photo: carolvinzant]

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They look like they need to go back into the washing machine for another hot wash cycle.  Add Bleach this time

even better