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Are You Thinking Of Dropping $559 at Ace NYC This Week?

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May 4, 2009 at 11:44 AM | by | ()

We have an update on the Ace New York: it is not open.

We called the hotel this morning to check on the status — 'cause on Wednesday, we found out the hotel would not be opening on May 1st as planned — but no dice. The staffer we talked to on property told us the hotel was still under construction, was not yet open, would not be taking any new reservations and would "open sometime in May" (which does not sound so promising; yikes).

However! We checked out the website this morning and found that we were still able to reserve a loft room online for the end of this week and certain dates through the rest of May at a rate of $559.00, but we will gently suggest that you, like, maybe not do any reservin' until the hotel officially opens and you speak to someone who can verify that there have been heads on pillows overnight.

But really, if you're feeling extremely lucky, you can reserve a bunk room at $99 for June 1st (the next level available is a "Cheap Double" going at a rate of $209). Hey, the worst that can happen is that the hotel gets delayed a bit longer — and in that case, you end up being relocated, score a free night at the Ace to redeem later on, and snag one of these fly t-shirts.

Archived Comments:

I have a reservation!.

I have a reservation for 17th of May.
I have not been contacted from Ace Hotel for cancellation, or re-acommodations. I hope stay at this hotel.
Best regards from Spain.

me too!

We have had a reservation for 26th of May and nobody from Ace Hotel have contacted us either. We will be emailing them in the next hours to find out if they'll be able to accomodate us and tell you if I get any response.

Ana, I'm from Spain too. Let me know whatever you find out, please.

Wish us luck!

Ace Hotel delays

Hi folks,

I have a reservation for the 14th May. The hotel got in touch with me last week to let me know they still hadn't opened, but that their target date was the 14th. After some email exchanges late last week, this remains their target date.

On the subject of re-accommodation, staff at the hotel told me that they'd been working with Roger Williams, the Carlton and the Hudson. I've said I'll give them a call Wednesday to check progress. Will be very disappointed not to stay at Ace if that turns out to be the case, but the hotel have been very informative and supportive during what must be a difficult and challenging time for them...

Ace Hotel delays

Thanks for the info, Tim.

I hope we are all lucky and get to stay at the Ace NYC. However, if they didn't open in time, I hope we are re-accomodated in either the Carlton or the Roger Williams, because I've read that the rooms at the Hudson are tiny, and besides, it's farther from the Ace's location than the other two hotels.

We are arriving in NYC on the 26th so we wrote them an e-mail to confirm our reservation and ask them how things were going. We were told that our reservation shouldn't be affected because they are planning to open in the next ten days.

Please, tell us anything else you find out about this.
Good luck!


A mail??

Has anybody a mail-contact of ACE Hotel??
Y have written to enquire . nyc @acehotel . com (without blanks) but I have not news yet!! I am very worried about my reservation for 17th May because I'll travel in 5 days!
Thanks a lot.

Yes, a mail :)

We answered to the confirmation e-mail they send you when you make a reservation:

reservations.nyc (at) acehotel.com

They answered from a different address, belonging to a specific person, but it just took them one day, so this works pretty well.

I hope you find this helpful, and again, please, post whatever you find out.

Good luck!


Still confused but this sounds like news (sort of)

As promised, I emailed the hotel this morning to ask about their opening plans, re-accommodation plans if required etc etc. Received an email back almost immediately stating that the hotel will open as of tomorrow morning (14th May) and that my reservation (14th - 18th) would be honoured. This seems pretty much in direct contradiction to the recent Hotel Chatter story published on 12th May saying that 'this' week was entirely out of the question!!

At any rate, I'm flying tomorrow morning, so by about 5pm US time tomorrow, I should have a further update for you guys! If I'm in the Ace Hotel, I ought to be able to use their free wireless broadband service to tell you all about it...

If not, well - ya might just have to wait!


Good vibrations!

Thanks for the news! This indeed sounds like good news.

Looking forward to reading your next chronicle from the AceHotel WiFi!