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Have You Been Charged For Drinking the Coffee In Your Hotel Room?

May 27, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

In this turbulent, unpredictable world, there are a few constants that we've always known to be dependable and unchangeable: the sun will always rise. And when it does, we'll want coffee — and if we don't get it, we get surly. These have and will always be the case, no matter what happens.

One thing we also thought to be a constant that is apparently maybe not so much anymore? That the coffee we need so desperately in the A.M. will be free in our hotel rooms. Yeah: maybe not.

On his blog, travel expert Chris Elliott heard from a disgruntled hotel guest who stayed at the Barclay InterContinental in NYC. She was disgruntled not only because the hotel tried to charge her $80 for a breakfast she didn't even get, but something terrible happened. Something terrible involving coffee.

She writes:

When we got home and got our credit card bill they had added another $3.25, not on the original check-out bill, for the coffee bags placed in the room.

Have you ever heard of a hotel charging for the coffee or tea that I previously thought was an amenity in the room? They certainly were not in the locked mini bar. What a bunch of cheapos! Is this a new practice of all hotels?

Oh no. No, no, no. Bad trend. Don't do this, hotels. Some of us would rather pay an extra $3.25 for WiFi than for the crappy coffee outta the auto-drip maker in the room. This is bad.

Is this, like, a thing now? Are hotels charging people for coffee in the rooms? Or is this just a special case at Barclay — where, upon our last visit, we were charged $7.00 for a bottle of Evian?

If you've been charged for using the in-room coffee, talk to us about it. We will sympathize.

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That photo is of the coffee maker at the le meridien dallas and it's pretty sweet.

Coffee makers - in room

I would never, ever stay at a hotel that charges me for making my own coffee in my own room!!
BTW.........does anyone ever wonder how they clean those coffee pots?  The housekeepers usually have only one cleaning rag on their carts :(

Coffee Makers in-room

I heard it wasn't the coffee pots that they cleaned with a rag...it was the mugs!!!

no way!

that is not cool... charging for coffee is just below the line. and, yeah, it's best to just not question the cleanliness of the coffee makers.


I have seen a couple of instances at Starwood Hotels (W French Quarter in NOLA) where the first couple of bags are free, but there are more in the fridge or snack box and if you use those you are charged.

Bad Practices

Now you know the Housekeepers clean the coffee pots the same way they clean everything else in the room... with Windex!

Grrr. Dont charge me for coffee in the morning!

That seems a bit cheeky charging for coffee!And without a coffee, I'd be even more angry about it!! Jason hotels cheltenham

extra charge for coffee

That is the most insane thing I had ever heard!

i think i got charged 7 dollars and 6 cents for an

I'm checking my credit card after a stay in Indianapolis. and seeing copper moon on the list for just over 7 dollars for an in person transaction. i dont remember going to a coffee restaurant but my boyfriend did make a cup of coffee in the room. There wasn't a price list or anything. it was the Marriott across from the convention center. he never had my credit card so there should be no in person charge. coffee is always free i thought. anyway for this and various reasons i dont think ill be staying at the marriot any time soon.