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Thompson Hotels Walked Us and We Liked It

May 26, 2009 at 2:25 PM | by | ()

We typically wait until the last minute to book our hotel rooms. Call it poor planning, a genetic pre-disposition, procrastination or absent-mindedness, but that's just what we do. So last Tuesday, we were surfing around Hotwire to find a hotel room in New York for the following night.

We took a chance on the site's blind booking process--otherwise known as hotel roulette--and after doing extensive research on BetterBidding.com, we were confident that our four-star hotel in downtown was Gild Hall. And we were right. Even though we could have booked online at the Thompson Hotels website for about $10 more, it was more fun to do the Hotwire thing.

Except when we arrived at the hotel at around 10:30pm, we were told that the hotel was full-up and that they would have to send us to a sister property. Ugh.

We were expecting to hear that the hotel would find us a room at Thompson LES but instead we were sent off to 60 Thompson in SoHo, a hotel we were shuffled off to last year when Thompson LES was not yet open (that's our room pictured above.) Except this time, Thompson agreed to pick up the room and tax for the night as well as give us $15 in cab fare.

At 60 Thompson we were given a hint-of-smoking room with a queen bed on the third floor and had to endure music from the ThomBar until 2am. But this didn't matter so much as we were still on West Coast Time. And we actually even felt guilty that we were put up at 60 Thompson so we ordered a movie, room service and didn't even gripe once about paying the $10 for the internet.

Of course, we're still very curious about seeing the inside of Gild Hall for ourselves but if you have to get walked, you can't find a better place to do it than at a Thompson Hotel.

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But how did they pick up the tab for your room which you had already paid to Hotwire?  Did they dole out cash on the spot?  That is always a sticky situation for the Front Desk.

It was refunded back to my credit card

The next morning, I received an email from Hotwire saying the room rate and tax had been refunded back to my credit card.