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San Marino Has Great WiFi, and It's Gratuito

May 22, 2009 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

When Gary Arndt, round-the-world blogger of Everything Everywhere fame, twittered about hotel internet access yesterday, we took note.

Gary said:

I'm in my hotel in San Marino. I must say the internet here is the best I've had on my entire trip. Period.

Curious as ever about tiny European countries — San Marino is 23 square miles in size and has just 30,000 people, and you can find it near the north-east coast of Italy — we decided to check out the San Marino hotel offerings and their internet leanings a bit more closely.

As you can imagine, there aren't too many places to stay in this tiny nation, but on name along we're inclined towards the Hotel Joli because we're hoping it's, well, jolly and pretty. The first thing you find at Hotel Joli's website is "Internet Wi-Fi Gratuito", which even with our limited Italian we can figure out is great news. Even better, they have a jolly good special on at the moment, the "Let's Eat With Flowers" package – two nights with breakfast, one regular dinner and one "dinner with special colorful flower menu", all for €250 ($345) for a double.

Next, we checked the Hotel Vintage, which we're hoping is good vintage like vintage wine, not vintage as in old and not-so-useful. In fact, it advertises itself as "the trendiest and the most exclusive design hotel" of San Marino, has internet access throughout, and you can get discount rates starting at €90 ($125) a night. There's also the promising-sounding Grand Hotel San Marino, which boasts high-speed internet access "also available through the TV system" and the bonus of what they sweetly translate as a "beauty farm" on the fourth floor should you need a beauty treatment (we suspect there's no WiFi there) – their "Classic Offer" package includes a double room, breakfast, a welcome gift and a bunch of discounts for €99 ($135), with cheaper rates the longer you stay.

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