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W D.C. Opening Pushed Forward, W SoBe Officially Pushed Back

May 14, 2009 at 11:25 AM | by | ()

We reported earlier this month that we had a sneaking suspicion (or, you know, a pretty reliable source told us) that W South Beach's opening was pushed back from June 2nd to June 16th, though the hotel's website didn't really reflect that while the rezzie system seemed exceptionally buggy. We checked back today, though, and it seems the opening has been pushed back those couple of weeks — but rates remain the same. Opening rates come out to around $375.

Meanwhile, up in our nation's capital, the "Congress of Cool" will be in session a little bit earlier than expected. Though W Washington D.C.'s opening date has been kind of shady — the hotel's website was saying August 1st for a long time, the Washington Business Journal most recently reported "sometime in August" while the website was promising July 8th — it seems the place has finally settled on July 16th. Rates are starting at $399 (after taxes and whatnot) for that first night.

Archived Comments:

for the recordbooks!

this is a record! not only is the W Washington going to open on its scheduled date and not have any delays.. It's going to open EARLY?! What?!

July 16th?

Where does the July 16th come from? I thought they were on for July 8th...


The 16th came from their website.... I dunno what they're up to over there. The Congress of Cool's meetings are pretty private.