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Inside Caesars Las Vegas Augustus Tower: Checking-In

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We want to make something clear upfront: Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel has a great nightclub, some tasty restaurants, and the best sports book on the strip.

Yet while we know check-in mix ups can happen at any hotel, when they happen late at night--after a long flight--you tend to not be quite as forgiving.

Luckily, you get to learn from our experience so the next time a Vegas hotel tells you your reservation is not good, our sister site VegasChatter has got your back. Oh, and of course, our full review, which focuses on the aforementioned check-in incident is below.

Check In
Sometimes you check into a hotel, reservation confirmation code in hand, but the hotel doesn't have a room for you. So what do we expect in this situation? A comparable room. That is it. Apparently Caesars doesn't feel the same way.

After dealing with a six hour flight from JFK with strong head winds, where we drew the worst seat possible travel fatigue was setting in. Dealing with Caesar's 20-minute check-in line was half expected (they always tend to have some of the longest check in waits in Vegas) but what was not expected was not having a bed to sleep in.

According to the desk clerk, the Augustus Tower, a room we had booked online at Caesars website, was completely full so she tried to offer us a room at the dank old Roman Tower instead. But we have been down that road before. No way we were paying north of $150 a night for those terrible rooms. If they want to adjust our rate, fine, but that was not an acceptable solution to Caesars.

By this point we were having a full fledged "yours is a very bad hotel" flashback. Suddenly, the clerk found us a room in the Forum Tower, which is comparable, so we accepted the room and headed for the elevators. Once we opened the door to our Forum room we quickly figured out it was, um, not clean.

Beds unmade, pizza box on the floor, wheelchair propped up against the wall. In our exhausted daze not only did we forget to snap a photo, but we almost just fell into the dirty bed and called it a night. Instead, a call was placed to the front desk and the woman on the other end of the phone told us it would be "about 45 minutes" before the room would be cleaned.

Not sure what she wanted us to do in the meantime, but it seemed like an hour at the tables would cost us an additional $150, so we tried to find another solution. The desk clerk reiterated that there were no available rooms in Augustus Tower (remember that is the tower in which we booked a room, on Caesars very own website), so we calmly asked for the manager on duty.

The manager, after listening to our entire ordeal swiftly found us a room in Augustus Tower. Huh? Yeah. It reminded us of Dennis Rodman's legendary Vegas story where Carmen Electra walks in on her then husband Dennis Rodman in bed with another girl and Rodman claims the girl simply fell through the ceiling, into his bed. Apparently empty Augustus rooms just fall through the ceiling. Either way, we were too tired to argue, so we took the room and went to bed. Needless to say this, combined with our last experience at Caesar's has left us with a sour taste in our mouths.

Room Reaction
Room 3494 was a perfectly acceptable, spacious room. Marble bath, big seating area, two queen beds, flat screen television and desk. However, because of our check-in experience the room was almost an afterthought at this point.

The housekeeping service is quick, especially for a Vegas hotel.

It is on the Strip, and very centrally located. Actually one of the biggest advantages of staying at Caesars is that it is a very popular hotel for visitors, so in a way, some of the action comes to you.

The view was cool though partially obstructed. We had a view that was split (by a rival tower) between pool and mountains. However, as you can see in the video, the windows were in dire need of a wash, which they did get on our second morning in Vegas.

Too much. We paid right around the $150 a night range, mid - week, just to try out the Augustus Tower, and could have booked a room for the same amount of money (or less) at the Wynn, Encore, or Hard Rock, just to name a few places.

Bottom Line
During our last visit to Caesars, we guessed there were some great rooms at this hotel, but not inside the Roman Tower. Now? While we like hanging at Caesars, and their new pool area is going to be great, we really would have to get a good deal to stay there. Then again, when their new tower opens, you know we will be first in line, giving Caesar's another chance to win us over. We are nothing if not forgiving.

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