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W New York Downtown's Bar Will Not Have Intoxicating Views

April 7, 2009 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

Hmm. There is a distinct possibility that the first martinis we will sip at W New York Downtown's will be garnished with pieces of...a building.

We realize that New York is a big city and there are buildings everywhere and they're close together and whatnot, but we're not going to let this one go by: Curbed reports today that sales at W New York Downtown's residential portion have been slow — though the hotel portion of the building is still expected to open up this summer (let's not hold our breath) — and much of that may have to do with the fact that its neighbor, a soon-to-be-razed Deutsche Bank Building that was rendered uninhabitable years ago, is super, super close to the W building.

And the presence of that building is not just going to be an issue for prospective W condo owners, but for W Hotel guests as well.

Per Curbed:

Developer Joseph Moinian said back in December that sales at the tower would pick up once the cursed Deutsche Bank Building across the street was finally demolished. We were a bit unconvinced that the Deutsche demo, now years behind schedule, would seriously jog sales at the W no matter how much of a blight the shrouded 9/11-ravaged building has become.

Then we happened upon the Tribeca Trib's W update, which includes the photo at right of what will soon be the terrace for the hotel's fifth-floor bar [Ed Note: the hotel will take up floors 6-22 of the building]. Yikes!

Um, yikes is right. Hopefully this will only be a temporary view problem (and we assume it affects the views from the guest rooms as well) as the building is expected to go away by this fall. But in all likelihood, from what we know about NYC hotel openings, the hotel will probably be delayed long enough that this won't even be an issue at all, and the building will be gone by the time the hotel opens for business.

If not, we fear that little pieces of Deutsche Bank Building will be blowing into our martinis as it is being deconstructed. And believe us, that will be an issue.

[Photo: Carl Galssman/Tribeca Trib]

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