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Tyra Banks, Clay Aiken and the Claby Spotted at Beverly Hilton

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April 27, 2009 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Lots happened over the weekend. Spencer and Heidi got married again, this time legally. The swine flu panic spread all around the world. And then there was this: a lucky few in Beverly Hills were dining at Circa 55 in the Beverly Hilton and had the exquisite privilege of glimpsing one of the more unusual and wonderfully campy trios in the current popular culture world. Tyra Banks, Clay Aiken and Clay Aiken's child, which TMZ dubbed "The Claby," were grabbing lunch together. Huh.

The threesome was spotted out yesterday, and it was one of the first in-the-wild sightings of Aiken's son. Glancing at the menu, we're not so sure this place is kid-friendly — but, uh, we're not so sure swinging by McD's for a Happy Meal would have been Tyra-friendly.

The most important part of this story, we think, is TMZ's ultra-classy caption for the photo set, which refers, of course, to the fact that Aiken's son comes from a surrogate mother in vitro fertilization: "Still no word if Clay's trying to rent a womb at the Tyra hotel." Ah, TMZ.

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i didn't think tyra and aiken would mix. i didn't think he was THAT popular!

Not a Surrogate

The baby has both a mother and a father that are raising him together "like a separated couple who still love each other". She was not a surrogate, she is a full time mom and Clay is a full time dad. They want to have more children together to add to their family.


You're right. Didn't realize that. Clearly I need to brush up on my Aiken knowledge. corrected!

Jaymes Foster

Jaymes Foster is Parker's mother, and as someone else said, she's not a surrogate.

BTW, she's the sister of music producer David Foster.