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The Great Tri-Pack Push-Back of 2009

Where: 39th St. [map], New York, ny, United States
April 27, 2009 at 4:06 PM | by | ()

The Times Square Tri-Pack hotel's opening has been pushed back. Insert sad trumpet sound effect here.

The lofty Gene Kaufman project on 39th Street in Manhattan — a Holiday Inn Express, a Candlewood Suites and a Hampton Inn that share a single structure with separate lobbies and entrances — was originally supposed to be opening, well, right around now.

Last we stalked, the Holiday Inn Express was taking bookings starting June 1st, but now the site is not accepting rezzies until August 2nd. Meanwhile, the Candlewood Suites site allows us to make rezzies for August 2nd and beyond — pushed back from the July opening date we saw last. And finally, the Hampton Inn's website lists September 1, 2009 as the date they'll start taking bookings.

This is all pretty shady, considering we stopped by the hotel a couple of months ago and the place looked like it was just about finished — but as we've learned from countless hotel delays past, you never know what could be causing the push-back or what's going on behind the scenes.

Got any dirt on the official opening date of these three hotels? What the heck is going on? Let us know.

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