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Hotels for a $100 or Less :: Aqua Hotels in Hawaii

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April 24, 2009 at 5:05 PM | by | ()

All this week, we'll be profiling hotels for $100 or less. Yay! Know of any other bargains? Send 'em to us.

Hawaii, like New York, used to be an expensive getaway only affordable when big-time bonuses rolled in. But no longer. Thanks to the recession, Hawaii is actually on our To Do list. While the big resorts are still charging rather pricey rates, you can stay here on a budget.

The Aqua Hotels of Hawaii, which have always featured reasonable room rates, now has rooms under $100. A hotel employee told us that during the week of May 14-May 20, the following hotels have rooms going for as low as $60 a night:

· Aqua Aloha Surf & Spa
· The Equus
· Aqua Island Colony ($60 a night!)
· Aqua Waikiki Beachside
· Park Shore Waikiki (pictured)
· Aqua Waikiki Tides (newly renovated rooms at $70 a night!)
· Aqua Continental

Even better, many of the amenities at these hotels include free WiFi, breakfasts and manager's receptions. But be aware that most of these rooms belong to the Aqua Lite collection of Aqua Hotels, meaning the rooms are quite small. However, we really hope you didn't come to Hawaii to spend time in the room.

[Photo: Flickr user derek728ia]

Archived Comments:

Be careful with the Aqua's

Aloha.  I recently stayed at the Aqua Waikiki Tides.  The room was newly renovated - minus a coffee maker and only one chair in the room (but with 2 beds) and no coffee table.

Nonetheless, the hallways and lobby were horrible and not renovated.   Not all the rooms were renovated either and they start construction at 7am.  If you stay at this one, don't get a room on any floor lower than 5 or the noise in the morning will wake you up.

I've stayed at this Aqua and I've stayed at the Aqua Wave.  The wave was much better, but again, the hallways were no renovated.

Overall, you get a clean room and that's a good value for the price.  You should spend most of your time outside in the water and the locations are excellent.  Just be cautious when booking.


going to Hawaii

thanks for these tips. i can't wait for the aussie dollar to improve so i can go to Hawaii. It's going to be awesome


Even if these hotels aren't amazing, I am going to travel there for what's going on outside of the hotel - so that looks like a great bargain!