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The Chatwal Will Open 'Sooner Than You Think'

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April 23, 2009 at 10:36 AM | by | ()

From the depths of a late-afternoon delirium, our emotions got the best of us and we were moved to write a poem about how upset we were that we couldn't find Vikram Chatwal's ten-years-in-the-making The Chatwalslated to open this year — on the official roster of VCH's open or in-development hotels. However! Thanks to a fairly confident commenter and an official hotel rep, we are happy to learn that The Chatwal is indeed on the way. Supposedly.

Says BVCH:

Because of the more traditional nature of the product and slightly different demographic that The Chatwal will [we feel] ultimately will appeal to, it is being marketed outside of the VCH Collection as a stand alone property and possibly the progenitor for its own line of hotels... but make mo mistake about it, it is coming and sooner than you think.

Interesting. Very interesting. An official hotel rep confirmed this morning that this was arrurate — the hotel is "still slated to open this year," and we'll get the deets as the opening date gets closer. Hm. Okay.

While this is good news, it's also kind of disappointing because now we have to wait some more. This is kind of like one of those relationships where you don't really trust the other person but they keep you hangin' on. Or like that Diana Ross song. Vikky, set us free, why dontchya babe?

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That looks swanky.  I'll have to remember that place once I'm rich :)