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Ground Control To Major Tom: A Cool Tin Can In Poland

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  Site Where: ul. Kosciuszki 42 61-891, Poznan, Poland
April 20, 2009 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

A candidate for our Geek Hotels 2010 list.

It makes sense that a luxury hotel decked out in electronic art would be located somewhere between Berlin and Krakow. (Or, for that matter, floating round a tin can far above the moon). Blow Up Hall 50 50 opened up last month in Poznan, Poland and it has taken interactive art to inhabitable levels.

Guests figuratively should take their protein pills and put their helmets on before entering the black-walled foyer flanked with a video installation created by Tate museum display artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Think meta-meta: 2,400 CCTV scrambled images of the hotel's guests doing whatever they do in the hotel lobby recorded for art's sake. Thankfully, this does not include footage from inside the guestrooms or bathroom use.

Too bad, though — as the bathrooms are niftily hidden behind closet doors and have disorienting mirrors strategically mounted for bizarre levels of voyeurism. (Actually, we're very glad there aren't cameras in the bathrooms).

Check-in is very DIY. Guests are given three pictures, three colors and three numbers to choose from in order to land a room within the 22-bedroom hotel. Results may insert you into something like Major Tom's capsule or perhaps a more Iman-inspired zebra-striped lounge.

Room keys are too antiquated a way of entering hotel rooms, so Blow Up Hall 50 50 gives guests iPhones to open doors using recognition technology. (Simply point your phone down the hallway of your floor and the phone beams light towards a small screen outside the correct door, as they are not numbered.)

Amenities obviously are all within your reach: everything from breakfast to free WiFi to dry cleaning can be accessed via touchscreen.

Blow Up Hall 50 50 has a remarkably gentle side: there are complimentary non-alcoholic drinks in each mini-bar and free fruit delivered gratis upon arrival.

Enter the space oddity starting at 316 Euros a night.

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