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World Wildlife Fund Takes Fairmont Under Its Eco-Wing

April 1, 2009 at 12:19 PM | by | ()

There are more than a few ways for hotels to go green these days, although it appears that building a LEED-certified property seems to be the top choice for new properties. In the case of Fairmont Hotels, with 56 locations and a couple dozen more in development, the name of the game is retroactive greening with consideration to the sometimes historical nature of the hotels.

Thankfully, it seems that Fairmont has found a partner to help them along with their eco-efforts: the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and their "Climate Savers" Program.

Having just signed up for the WWF partnership this last week, don't expect Fairmont Hotels to be rolling out the green carpet immediately; they've got until 2013 to decrease their carbon emissions by 20% chain-wide. Until then, however, Fairmont will be working on other initiatives under the WWF promise, such as updating design and construction standards to LEED levels by 2011, working with suppliers to provide green products (sulfate-free shampoo would be nice, hint hint), and moving their Toronto corporate headquarters to a LEED Gold building. Also, we wouldn't be surprised if some of the new hotels Fairmont acquires happen to be sustainable properties in their own right, now that the brand is focused on their future footprint.

So long as this doesn't turn out to be simply a greenwash for the Fairmont brand — which seems unlikely since a rep for the hotel confirms they've had a "brandwide environmental program in place since 1990" — we're intrigued by the other ways hotels can go green without having to tear down and rebuild to comply with LEED standards. No doubt this means more of those energy-saving light switches that require your room key for electricity.

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it seems like the green buzz has died down significantly since the economy began tanking. cheers to fairmont for moving forward with these initiatives despite the challenging market.