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Yotel Was In On the 'Hotelicopter' Hoax the Whole Time

April 1, 2009 at 10:13 AM | by | ()

Oh, man, Yotel. You are brilliant.

This is one of the most clever marketing campaigns we've seen in a long time, and we've gotta gush: remember that whole Hotelicopter thing? You know, the silly rumor (accompanied by a silly video) bouncing around the Internet about the world's "first flying hotel" — a Soviet Mil V-12 that had supposedly been converted into a hotel that, like, flies?

We called the whole thing out as a hoax (and we're mighty proud of ourselves, as you can see) because it was obvious to any hotel geek that all the interior shots of the "Hotelicopter" were lifted straight off the Yotel website.

And, it turns out, this was all an elaborate (and awesome) April Fool's Day prank-slash-marketing campaign. And guess who was behind it? Yup. Yotel.

The UK Telegraph had the official confirmation:

The 37-second [Hotelicopter] video, which went live on www.hotelicopter.com last week, has been created with computer-generated graphics [...] But the advertisement is actually part of a viral marketing campaign by Yotel.

Spokeswoman Jo Berrington said: "Although this is a joke maybe in the future it could become reality. We are looking to push the boundaries and make people think about what's possible. It's a little bit tongue in cheek and we are just having some April Fool's day fun but we are always looking at other options for hotel rooms.

Brilliant, Yotel. You almost had us there, too. We just wish more people would have argued and told us it was real so that we could spent the whole day saying "we told you so" — but no.

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I really despise April Fool's Day on the web -- worst day ever, but this Yotel thing was spot on.  PR peeps take note.

are you sure it was Yotel?

Looks like there's another company behind the hoax, check out the splash page where they thank Yotel.