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Thompson Seoul is Still On; Possibly Puerto Rico Too

Where: Seoul, Korea
March 9, 2009 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Last week we saw the model rooms that design firm Studio Gaia did for the upcoming Thompson Toronto hotel and thanks to an equally nerdy hotel geek, we learned that the same firm is doing Thompson Seoul.

We're actually quite surprised that Thompson is still going ahead with Seoul in these times but it is some very welcome hotel news for the hospitality industry which has of late been socked by hotel delays and canceled projects.

Studio Gaia has renderings of Thompson Seoul on their website and they are quite cool. They actually remind us of a combo between Thompson Beverly Hills and Donovan House, the latter which was designed by Studio Gaia. The rooms (and the hotel) are very futuristic-looking. Check out that bathtub pod in the middle of the room. And the swiveling TV wall. It's not anything we've never seen before but it is more mod that what most travelers are used to.

So far the renderings only include those of the lobby, the guestrooms and the spa. Sadly, nothing for the reported driving range that's to be on-site. And as for the completion date? August 2010. Not so shocking.

But what is shocking is Studio Gaia's plans for a Normandie Hotel in Puerto Rico (above) which has been labeled "A Thompson Hotel." Oh smack! PR has been a rumored location for Thompson for quite some time but no one at Thompson would ever officially confirm it. We'll take this as a confirmation then.

There are four renderings on the Studio Gaia site of the guestrooms and the completion date is listed as January 2010. We're actually more excited about Puerto Rico than Seoul despite the rather standard hotel rooms being put forth. (We do love that bit of bright blue, however.) And that's purely because January 2010 and Puerto Rico are closer to the here and now than Seoul.

What do you think of Thompson's new projects? Let us know in comments below.

[Renderings via Studio Gaia]

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isnt the normandie hotel an existing hotel?