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What the Rooms at Thompson Toronto Will Look Like

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  Site Where: 550 Wellington Street, NW, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V
March 6, 2009 at 10:07 AM | by | ()

It seems as if it's always one step forward, one step back for Thompson Hotels, except this time around it's one step back, one step forward. We were crushed to hear that the free WiFi we so depended on from Thompson Hotels is gone. Out the window with the boom years of the hospitality industry, we presume. Sadly, you will now be asked to pony up at least $10 to surf the web in your fancy designer room.

But we perked up again today when we found photos online of the rooms inside the upcoming Thompson Toronto.

In doing research for an article on McDonald's for Jaunted, we came across the website of one Studio Gaia, an NYC-based design firm. Under their "Projects-Hospitality" section, we found the TT photos. Yes, the same firm who designed where you will next eat your McNuggets, will also do your future stay at Thompson Hotels.

But don't fret. This is the same design team that did the interiors at Thompson's Donovan House which have been very well-received. Particularly those cocoon showers.

We're kind of liking this setup, especially the wall of curtains that wrap around to the windows. Behind the bed, you can pull those curtains back to reveal a mirror and um, you can do whatever you'd like with that. Plus, this might be the first time we've see Thompson use such a bright red color in their rooms.

We also like the desk/entertainment system set-up (red chairs!) and we are 99.9 percent positive that is a Keurig machine to the right of desk. Keurig, a single-cup coffee maker, is one of the hot new coffee makers on the market. It's not as good as the Illy espresso machine we loved at the Viceroy Miami but we use it at home everyday. In fact, we're gonna use it right now.

While the studio's website says they completed this project in December 2008, the hotel is not yet open. We have heard whispers that Thompson Toronto would open this winter but so far, the hotel's website is sticking with just a broad 2009 opening date. That's probably best, since we went back and forth so much on Smyth Tribeca.

It's ok, Thompson. Take your time.

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"Yes, the same firm who designed where you will next eat your McNuggets, will also do your future stay at Thompson Hotels." Too funny, now everytime I'll think of the TT, I will always wonder if that's where the inspiration for the red accents came from...

Looks like they actually have bed side lamps that presumably have an on/off switch, which was my biggest gripe when I stayed at Thompson LES. Well that and the fact that there was nowhere to plug in all my widgets...

Also, I've seen these wrap around curtains somwhere before... check the LAX Custom hotel room pictures ;)