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Hyatt Place Has a Place For All Your Geeky Goodies

March 5, 2009 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

Hyatt Place is quickly becoming one of our new fave chains for budget business travel excursions. Yesterday, our brothers at Jaunted did a bang-up job of reporting their check-in to check-out experience during their very first Hyatt Place visit — and being the tech-dependent gadget goobers that we are, we zeroed in on this: the glorious panel of tech goodies.

Four easy buttons allow us to toggle between the TV, component, video, and computer inputs — and there's a plug for anything we might be able to stuff into our laptop case to bring along with us. That means presentation prep would be a breeze, but switching back to the telly to catch the latest ep of Lost would not require calling the front desk (or any missed shirtless-man scenes).

The only gripe: shouldn't there be an Ethernet plug in here somewhere? Jaunted mentioned the WiFi at this particular Hyatt Place was a little bit sluggish (though it was free!), and we've had experiences where the WiFi was out completely and there was no wired Internet access in the rooms (we're looking at you, Marriott Courtyard) — there is something to be said for keepin' the old school alternative on standby in case the WiFi craps out.

[Photo: KBFinFan]

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I like this and I think a lot of hotels are doing it (I have seen it at Marriotts and Westins). It's nice to be able to connect more than just your ipod.