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Finally, Hotel Website Music That Doesn't Suck

March 4, 2009 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

You know what's the worst? The music on hotel websites. It's a vicious cross-breed of elevator music, lounge beats and a "grown-up film" soundtrack — and since we spend an inordinate amount of time on hotel websites every day, our patience for said music is, well, thin. Very thin. On more than one occasion, we've left a tab on our browser open to the Thompson site for hours without realizing it — with the sound on — and we're certain that the music both infiltrated our dreams and kick-started a slow descent into crazytown.

However! One of us was on Vikram Chatwal's VCH Hotels' website the other day and, inexplicably, caught herself doin' a little head-bop to the music. Another one of us visited the same site this morning and, upon further discussion we both agreed that, um, we seem to have stumbled upon some hotel website music that doesn't suck. After some major Google sleuthing, we found out that the jam we're diggin' at the VCH site is a song by The Incredible Moses Leroy called "1983."

And 1983, incidentally, seems to be the birth-year of the potential guest Dream Downtown's website is trying to reach out to, based on the flash intro that leaves us trembling and in tears afterward. It is reminiscent of a scene from Requiem for a Dream or, like, our worst clubby nightmare. We warned you.

But back to the music. A message to hoteliers: if you want to reach cool people, put some cool music on your website (and it wouldn't hurt you to publish the song and artist on there too).

But that's just our opinion; what do you think about music on hotel websites? Love it, leave it, or it depends on the jam? Put in your two cents.

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Chatwal opening date

Initially slated for Feb/09 but now still postponed obviously I got news that the Chatwal opening will now slip into late summer 2009 if there such a period .... down here we call that fall !