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Guests 'Must Be Naked' at Germany's First Nudist Hotel

March 31, 2009 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

We're going to admit something to you dear readers. We hate pants. More often than not, if you ever walked in on us at home we would not be wearing pants. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration as we are wearing pants at this moment. But whenever we can not wear pants, it's a good time.

However, we don't think we could ever bring ourselves to check into this nudist hotel, Hotel Rosengarten in Freudenstadt, Germany. From Spiegel Online:

Guests will be required to remove their clothes at the entrance and must be naked at all times while on the premises, according to the strict house rules that have already been posted on the Internet. "We hope to open as soon as possible," Silvia Probsthain, a member of staff at the planned Hotel Rosengarten, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "It will be the first comprehensively nudist hotel in Germany."

"Comprehensively nudist." Wow. Words fail us.

The hotel will also cater to the germaphobic nudists by insisting that guests place towels on chairs and loungers before using them. Also, just because you are nakey doesn't mean it's sexytime. "Sexual activity in commonly accessible rooms is strictly forbidden. People who break the rules will have to put their clothes on and leave." The shame! Having to put your clothes back on.

However, lest you strip down to your skivvies and start trekking to the hotel in Germany's Black Forest region, Hotel Rosengarten has not been finalized and it is still unclear if the hotel will actually open.

Until then, you will just have to er, twiddle your thumbs at the Terra Cotta Clothing Optional Inn in Palm Springs.

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Archived Comments:

this whole story

made me LOL. No balls on the walls?


but only in germany. did that nudist airline they were planning ever take off in the end?

naked at the hotel

I didnÄ't get the point, i guess. Why someone should like to be naked in a hotel?

Hold the Sausage Please!!!

Absolutely phenomenal and hilarious!  Just make sure there's a sign posted for men to take a cold shower before coming down for breakfast.  This clever idea could only work in Europe if it is to work at all.

This would be a stress-free stay

Enjoyed your article. I would love to visit this hotel and hopefully will be able to schedule a trip when it is open for business.  I'm a believer that everyone should try different destinations to get an overall flavor of what they might enjoy.

I travel fairly extensively and have found that clothing optional or nudist venues often provide great rooms at very reasonable cost. Also, the people you meet at nudist locations are always the nicest, most friendly and honest folks you could ever hope to meet.  


this is different and what is the motive behind this????

any message

As all we know this kind of thing are done to convey the message, or any festive celebration