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9 Beaches in Bermuda Guarantees 68-Degree Days

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March 31, 2009 at 10:26 AM | by | ()

If you could humor us for a second, let’s play a quick round of word association: April. Spring storms. A Dark & Stormy (as in, the rum and ginger beer libation that’s the national drink of Bermuda). 9 Beaches in Bermuda!

Which brings us to our topic of the hour: 9 Beaches resort opens for its fifth season tomorrow. (Effortless transition, no?) If you want, you can pack your Bermuda shorts and tanks, because we’re talking about “Bermuda’s only ultra-casual resort,” where “flip flops are fashionable, and neither jackets nor ties are required.”

But while that sounds appealing and all, we’re more stoked about 9 Beaches’ deals. Bermuda celebrates its 400th anniversary this year, and to spread the good will, 9 Beaches is offering guests who stay four nights between now and August 21st a $400 credit. Plus, 9 Beaches offers April guests a “68-degree guarantee” — for every day that the high temp doesn’t reach 68 degrees Fahrenheit, guests get a $68 refund. Pretty clever, dontchya think? That’s particularly good considering rates start at just $280 per night.

Of course, “ultra-casual” is code for “not luxury.” 9 Beaches has 84 private cabanas, which many have likened to “tents on stilts.” Cool concept, but one not immune from flaws — when the NYT’s Fred Berstein checked the place out a couple of years back he complained of a “pungent odor” wafting through his cabin, a complaint that others have also made. Um, yuck.

Then again, bumming around the beach in Bermuda (at slashed rates!) just might be worth a little smelliness. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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Except for those of us...

...who live in South Florida, where 68º is the dead of winter.