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When the WiFi is So Bad, You Need to Switch Rooms

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March 30, 2009 at 3:40 PM | by | ()

Last night we landed in Las Vegas during a wind storm. After releasing our death grips on our seatmate and the armrest we thought our worries were over. We could now go on and enjoy Las Vegas as we were meant to.

We scored a great deal at the Mirage for $70 a night in one of those lovely renovated rooms we liked so much on our last visit. And after checking out the signs of life on the casino floor (there were plenty!), we headed up to our room to get connected.

After grumbling about the $14.99 WiFi charge, we hopped onto the WiFi network but to our dismay found the connection to be so terrible that we dragged our laptop over to the desk and plugged in the ethernet cable (free in the nightstand drawer.)

Yet while the casino floor may have been bustling below us, there was no sign of life on the internet in our room.

After trying for about an hour to send an email, we got on the horn with the technician who said the modem looked zapped and that a technician would arrive to fix. We waited for forty-five minutes and no one came. At 11:30pm at night, we decided we could not afford to wait for someone to come as we needed to be up and working by 5:30am.

We called the front desk and asked for a different room. Luckily, we were switched to a room on the same floor and our room keys were "magically" assigned to work in the new room without having to go down to the front desk again.

With some trepidation, we signed in from our new room and as of 11:45pm last night, we've had no difficulties. Still, we plugged in the ethernet cable just to be safe. And yes, The Mirage wiped all the internet charges from our bill due to the inconvenience. NOW, we can begin to enjoy Las Vegas worry-free.

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