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Simon Van Kempen Clears Up 'Ownership Status' On His Blog

March 27, 2009 at 5:09 PM | by | ()

· Cmb clarifies the whole brouhaha over Simon Van Kempen's "ownership" of the Hotel Chandler by reading his blog. Simon says:

I remember at the time hoping that as it was so noisy that the microphones might have missed that line but alas the editors subtitle it for all to see. While I corrected that error later when speaking to Bruno it's now been broadcast across the land. I've worked with the owners of Hotel Chandler for going on 10 years first in a consultancy capacity and then in 2001 as the hotel's General Manager.

· JetSetCD coins a new term in reading about the Ritz Carlton Battery Park's bachelorette package:

So it's Bring-Your-Own-Stripper, huh? I wonder if I can request a "bellboy."

· Disappointed Criss Angel Reviews Return!: This time TerryBerry tells us how the show is a waste of money.

· bbagel is skeptical about the future of iPhone app bookings


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