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Ritz-Carlton Berlin Makes History Cool 20 Years After Wall Fell

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  Site Where: Potsdamer Platz 3, Berlin, Germany, 10785
March 24, 2009 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

A freak-out moment: we actually remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and now there are hotel packages celebrating the 20th anniversary of that momentous day. Ignoring the we-feel-old thing, we our focusing our thoughts instead on this package, put together by the Ritz Carlton Berlin.

Their "Remember the Wall" package is being offered from now until the end of the year and has a bunch of cool inclusives for $417 per double. You get Berlin Wall Museum tickets, a Goodbye Lenin DVD (great movie!), Gorbachev cocktails on arrival and even DDR Rottkaeppchen sparkling wine. You also get a "genuine" piece of the Berlin Wall, but we are a touch skeptical about that--if all the tourists in the world put their souvenir pieces of the Wall back together, we suspect there'd be enough for two or three walls.

Berlin is a great city and the Ritz Carlton there not only has comfy beds but also a truly central location on Potsdamer Platz. A Fall of the Wall anniversary year sure sounds like a good excuse for a quick trip there.

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You're right! Goodbye, Lenin is an awesome movie. This is a very inventive package; kudos to R-C Berlin. I'll have a glass of the Rottkaeppchen aus DDR. HA.


It's a package that someone actually thought about! Helps that I love Berlin anyway (but who couldn't?)