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WiFi Failure Hurts More When You're Sitting on a Purple Pumpkin

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March 13, 2009 at 1:08 PM | by | ()

When you stroll into your hotel room, plop down at the desk and open up your laptop to discover that the hotel WiFi doesn't work, it can be an overwhelming, emotional moment: you feel isolated, alone, betrayed, stranded. And we imagine all those feelings are greatly amplified when that WiFi failure moment occurs when you're perched atop...this. A purple pumpkin-ish velour ottoman/desk chair.

Mandydale had such an experience at London's Courthouse Kempinski:

When I was in London last, I stayed at the Courthouse Kempinski [...] I got transferred to this room because my other room's bathroom was broken. Apparently this is an upgrade? It was kinda hard to work on my computer sitting on that chair (which apparently didn't matter too much, as their wifi service was down).

Bummer. This chair, though whimsical and cool and funky-looking, has got to add insult to WiFi-related injury.

[Photo: Mandydale]

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