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Ace Hotel NYC Now Opening in April [Updated]

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  Site Where: 20 West 29th Street [map], New York, ny, United States, 10001
March 13, 2009 at 11:56 AM | by | ()

Whoops! We made a boo-boo with these images; they are of The Ace's neighbor, the NoMad Hotel due in Fall 2009. For more on their brewing rivalry as well as all the details on the Ace's progress, see this story.

The Ace New York was expected to open in three days on March 16 but that is looking shakier than a teen about to audition for American Idol. It's just not ready! A visit to their website, where once they had been booking for early March, now reveals no availability until April 1st, and even then it's only the $559 Loft room until after the first weekend in the month. Indeed a PR rep for the hotel said that April 1 was the new opening date.

Snooping around the site yesterday, we noted the newly-installed glass, and some windows still going without, bare rooms, and the old street-level storefronts showing no signs of activity. Granted, they may be tinkering with their Stumptown Coffee behind there and quietly molding a cute little lobby, but we just have a feeling that even if they do get it together by April, the opening will be a very soft one indeed.

For more pictures of our Ace NoMad Hotel snooping, visit the Flickr Set.

Archived Comments:

Ace Hotel Opening

I have a booking for April 8th - any word on what is happening to people with bookings before this? are they being offered another hotel?

Ace Hotel Opening

Is it possible that these are pictures of the wrong building? According to Google Street View the building  on the picture above is located 20W 28th Street. Furthermore the building which is shown on acehotel.com looks like the one located at 20w 29th Street on Street View where the Ace Hotel actually should be. Could it be that somebody mixed up the streets? And if so, what is the real status of the Ace Hotel?

Please excuse my poor English.

on it

Thank You for the comment! We will get right on this and have an answer for you by the end of the week.


Thanks for the sharp eyes! We've reconnoitered the sites and profiled both hotels now. Check out the new and improved Ace story here: http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/3/20/112545/499/hotels/On_Broadway_It_s_Going_to_Be_the_Ace_H otel_vs_The_NoMad