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Cooper Square's Minimalist Website Has Minimal Functionality

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  Site Where: 27 Cooper Square [map], New York, ny, United States
March 19, 2009 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

For so long, we've always said the Wynn Las Vegas website was the worst of hotel websites out there. While pretty enough, the site takes forever to load and then Steve's voice comes from out of nowhere to tell you what you're looking at. It's probably one of the most dreaded websites on our list.

But the website for Cooper Square might just surpass Wynn in godawfulness.

Upon landing on the home page, a square box and two arcs pull your focus to the center of the screen. A few options like the hotel's address, reservations system and the all-important "press" are listed on the left-hand side. But what about room descriptions? Photos? Amenities? Ah friends, you have to click on the square box if you want to learn more.

So we click on the box. And then...nothing happens. We click on the box again. Still nothing. When we click on "Reservations", we get pulled into the whole "Select a Date" madness where we can see room descriptions and some small room photos. Clicking on the "Press" button automatically downloads a PDF filled with scans of the hotel's magazine mentions. But this isn't what we are looking for. We want room photos--big ones--and lists of the hotel's amenities, services, restaurants and lounges.

So we start over. We reload the home page and click on the box, we which swore at one point in our research on Cooper Square worked to reveal some flashy stuff and some exterior shots. But there is nothing going on here. We even restarted our web browser to try again. Faulty internet connection or just another minimalist hotel website?

To be fair, the hotel is still in the midst of "opening" as they just recently unveiled their second floor bar and the Table 8 restaurant is still not open.

But we really hope they spend some time on their website too. Guests like to be able to see what they are getting without having to rely on small pictures on the reservations page. And if Cooper Square is afraid of looking "uncool", then might we suggest the formerly "too cool" Morgans Hotel Group's new website?

Archived Comments:

Are we missing something?

 Dude, I had the EXACT same experience when I went to the CSH website the other day looking for the bar info. I thought maybe I was missing something and so I closed firefox and opened it up and Safari, but still nothing.

Even if there is more content on that website somewhere that both of us -- who spend so much of our workday inside an Internet browser -- can't find, the set up is not very user-friendly or intuitive.