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Finally, Cooper Square Opens Its Bar

March 12, 2009 at 5:07 PM | by | Comments (0)

With so much travel news raining down on us, we don't always have time to give every story its own forecast. Here's more of the day's news, in brief.

· Residence Inn Gets Hit By Truck: Seriously, a truck ran into the ground floor of a Residence Inn in Texas. Crazy. [Houston Chronicle]

· Nice Day for a Burnt Wedding: Remember the Japanese guy who torched the hotel where his wedding was being held because he didn't want to get married? Yeah, he got five years in jail. [RNA]

· Cooper Square Hotel Bar is Open; Resto is Not: Eater reports that Cooper Square's second floor bar has opened but restaurant Table 8 is still a ways off. Bar opens at 6pm and it's drinks only.[Eater]

· Rough Luxe Hotels: Um. We're kind of in love with this boutique London hotel, Rough Luxe, especially the "This is Shit" mirror. [Designers Block]

[Photo: Jebb]

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