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Sydney Hotel Rates Not Dropping Yet

February 6, 2009 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

With ever cheaper flights down to Australia, we figured it was time to check if hotels in Down Under's tourist hotspot of Sydney were getting cheaper or not. Apparently room occupancy rates dropped a bit over the last year so we hoped this might mean hotels will drop rates.

However, the global economic crisis hasn't hit Australia quite so hard to date--they're not even in a recession (yet). Perhaps that's why we can't see too many fantastic Sydney hotel bargains.

For example, one of our faves, the Shangri-La Hotel, is still starting their room rates at over A$300 ($200), which ain't a price dip. We checked a couple of others like the new-ish Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park (non-package rates go down to A$243 ($160)) and Darling Harbour's Holiday Inn (lowest advance purchase rates start at A$180 ($115)) and were also disappointed.

One set of stats is even predicting room rates will continue to rise around Australia this year--not because there are plenty of people with money, but because hotels have to break even somehow with their falling occupancy rates. Come on guys, we'll stay if you make it cheaper, we promise.

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