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Drew Barrymore Didn't Exactly Lay Low at the Palazzo

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February 24, 2009 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

Yeah, well, it was Oscar weekend. Oh, but do you know what else it was? Drew Barrymore's 34th birthday. And she would like your attention.

According to a tipster, she skipped the Oscars and hit up Vegas this weekend, checking into the Palazzo with a couple of her girlfriends — fellow funny ladies Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig. From the tipster:

Upon their arrival, the group strolled through The Palazzo casino singing and dancing to old-school jams on her boom box while walking up to their suites.

Um, isn't that kind of annoying to do in the hallways of a hotel? We know it's your birthday and you're famous and all, but let's be real here: it is not nice to be loud in the hallways during daylight hours in Vegas. Daytime is sleepytime for folks who have been out all night.

The rest of the birthday celebration continued in the same not-so-incognito way: the trio had dinner in the LAVO main dining room, moved on to the outdoor hookah patio (natch), then hit up LAVO nightclub and grabbed a table on dance floor (again, not exactly laying low). Oh, also: our tipster says "Ellen [Page] danced on a baquette almost all night" — which, like, Ellen Page? She goes to nightclubs and dances on banquettes? Huh.

In the end, the girls headed up to Drew's penthouse suite to finish out the night outside of the public eye — and hopefully they weren't blasting a boombox in the hallways on their way up.

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isnt ellen page like 14?