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It's Your Second Chance to Sleep in A Museum

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  Site Where: Hirschgasse 17, Linz, Austria
February 20, 2009 at 1:44 PM | by | ()

Did you miss your chance to stay in the hotel room installation inside of the Guggenheim? If you're headed to Linz, the third-largest city in Austria, anytime soon then you may have another shot at spending the night within a museum.

As Linz has been chosen as a European Capital of Culture for 2009, they are setting up to host a year's worth of art openings and cultural events and they intend the accomodations for the visitors to play into the experience. Enter the Pixelhotel, which is not a single building, but a consortium of converted rooms throughout the city. All designed differently and with unique histories, the Pixelhotel rooms are in former workshops, on houseboats, in old storefronts, and even situated at the center of art galleries.

This is the case for designer Thomas Feichtner's Pixelhotel room within Simone Feichtner Gallery in downtown Linz. An elevated, nest-like bed and angular furniture are not merely on display; they will be used by actual guests throughout the installation. Beginning at 87 Euro, it's beyond doable when if you remember that the Guggenheim room started from $549 a night. To specify which Pixelhotel you would like to book, you must call +43(0)650 743 79 53 or send an email to office@pixelhotel.at. If you'd rather be surprised, then book online at Tiscover.

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