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Opa! J. Crew and Tablet Hotels Giving Away a Greek Vacay

Where: Santorini, Greece
February 17, 2009 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

If you fail to see a connection between prepster-outfitter J. Crew and the country of Greece, pause for a moment and think of this: White. Linen. Pants.

You're on a balcony in Santorini; the wind's in your hair as you gaze out onto the sparkling sea... while you're wearing a royal blue shirt and white linen pants from J. Crew, naturally. Or a white cotton sundress and a big floppy hat, even! Forget the cashmere, cardigans and suiting of the Connecticut-country-club J. Crew you're thinking of; J. Crew is also known for their killer beachwear.

And, appropriately, they're teaming up with Tablet Hotels to give you some of that beachy stuff — plus the opportunity to wear it on your hotel balcony in Santorini. One lucky (seriously, seriously lucky) winner will receive a $2,000 J.Crew gift card, round-trip airfare for two to Greece and a 5-night stay at the ultra-luxe Tsitouras Collection Hotel in Santorini.

You can put yourself in the running for the sweepstakes here, though it's only open to residents U.S. and Canada and, um, only one person wins the grand prize and a lot of people will probably enter. But! They're also giving away those cute J. Crew metallic passport covers every day, so you can always shoot for one of those.

[UPDATE]: There seems to have been some confusion about whether Canadian residents could enter the contest or not. Sadly for our friends up North, the official word from Tablet: "The Sweepstakes is not open to Canadians - we apologize for any confusion."

Archived Comments:

i dont like jcrew BUT

i will be entering this contest. if i win, i will post only pics of me in white.linen.pants.


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