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Hotel Towel Art Still Exists (In Cuba)

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February 16, 2009 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

Yes, hotel towel origami is still alive and well, at least at the Hotel Las Cuevas in Trinidad, Cuba.

Perhaps (we hope) because these guests were on their honeymoon, hotel staff went to all the trouble of twisting and contorting a bunch of towels into this love-heart flanked by two, well, towel-people. Strange-looking people, though, because their arms start at the top of their heads. But the idea is sweet.

However, not only is the towel art completely over-the-top, there's even a handwritten note in the middle of the artwork--we're just bummed it's too small for us to read. What a pity that some of the time and effort used to create this whole towel origami thing wasn't used in modernizing the bedspread instead.

[Photo: welovepandas]

Archived Comments:

Me too

Not just for honeymooners - I got towels like this when I stayed in the Ambos Mundo in Havana. Not as nice as these (maybe because I wasn't on honeymoon). I got a heart one day, and two swans folded into a heart the next. It was cute, although I would have preferred them to concentrate on washing the sheets/covers, which were Definitely Not Cute.

Two swans?

Hmm, unwashed sheets are no good. I'm figuring it takes a lot of training to fold towels into bizarre shapes, training time that could usually be better used on other things.

What I'm wondering now is, are the folded towels the only ones you get, or are there plenty of others there so you can toss the origami ones in the corner and use the more untouched ones??


Yes there were untouched ones (not enough for two people, but I was on my own) so I used the swans as bathmats. If I had had towel people, I would not have been so laissez faire.