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Police Make Major Marijuana Bust at W Dallas

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February 16, 2009 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

No one is safe from the pot police. Not you, not Michael Phelps, and not even guests at swanky big-city W's: According to the Dallas Morning News, a million-dollar marijuana bust was made outside the W Dallas Victory hotel this weekend; three were arrested and a massive amount of top-notch hydro was seized.

Apparently, two college students were hired to drive a Winnebago full of pot to Dallas. The two Nancy-Botwins-in-training were paid $15K each to do the job, but the fun ended there:

Acting on a tip, sheriff's investigators last week staked out a parking lot of the hotel at Dallas' Victory Park. A Winnebago that they had been expecting to arrive parked in the lot on Sunday. After watching two women meet with a man who had taken a room at the hotel, the investigators closed in and arrested the three without incident.

We assume the caliber of hotel at which such a rendezvous is planned increases with the quality of the marijuana involved. According to the article, the pot found in the Winnebago was five-star stuff: "such marijuana brings $5,000 to $6,000 a pound compared with the $300 a pound paid for more common marijuana." So schwag is to Super 8 as hydro is to W. Got it.

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I'm thinking Tom Green to play the Winnebago driver, but I don't think he'll pass for college age.