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NY Fashion Week Spills Over Into Big Name Hotels

February 13, 2009 at 1:13 PM | by | Comments (2)

Today is the day that stilettos and mascara wands invade the area around Bryant Park in New York City as Fashion Week winds up for weeks-worth of designer runway shows. With over 200 shows and presentations planned, not all can be held in the temporary tents at the official Bryant Park space, and this means that the city's trendy hotels end up with a healthy chunk of the action.

In case you happen to be in the Big Apple right now and are wondering why black town cars are whisking away fashionistas from your hotel stoop, we've compiled a list of the top hotel fashion destinations for events this week:

· The Bowery Hotel: Usually, Sean MacPherson's little slice of the East Village has its terraces packed with pretty young things during Fashion Week, and although many parties will still grace its bars, the only actual show being held here is a presentation by Corpus, who we know as having done a recent collaboration with Urban Outfitters.

· The Plaza: It is almost impossible to stage any kind of huge, city-wide event without paying The Plaza respects. Throughout the week, we've got Luca Luca showing in the empty Palm Court, Monique Lhuillier in the Oak Room, and Douglas Hannant in what might just be the lobby. Luckily, this isn't exactly a popular hotel for fashion week guests, so heading to a show here is still a novelty.

· The Jane: This is the surprising newcomer to the scene, hosting Cynthia Rowley in the ballroom. Is the ballroom even complete? Will the SRO tenants stand outside the doors protesting? Will Cynthia Rowley's collection be hotel-themed? Oh, the suspense.

Other notables this week include the general big names in town: the ever-classy Carlyle, with smaller lines Catalin Botazatu Couture and Barbara Tfank; The Waldorf-Astoria bringing in Vocce Couture, Almond Tree and Christina Nitopi Menswear; trendy Soho House with Mulberry in its library; the venerable Tribeca Grand with Form and Frank Tell; the Morgans has Koi Suwannagate's show; the good old Bryant Park Hotel has Natorious by Natori and Amanda Pearl; and The Hotel on Rivington rounds out the bunch with Don the Verb.

It's a crazy week full of ultra-glam shows, and the hotels may get the small bites, but at least they get a piece of the fashion cake.

[Bowery Hotel terrace photo: The Bowery Hotel]

Comments (2)

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The comments made by whomever on "Hotel Chatter" about suspense in regards to tenants picketing during Cyntia Rowley's show on Monday sound to me " like baiting ", to get the tenants riled up, and make the owners look like the "good guys"....

Review Fashion Show

Pretty sure that the Cynthia Rowley show went on without a hitch inside,  hotel tenants did protest outside, and to the dismay of the hotel "when they called the police" they acted professional and the police even gave the tenants a thumbs up, as long as things went okay. Many of the people that came out complained of the dust that was still in the ballroom "not surprised", this is what happens when you try to be " the IT Spot" without proper planning.

wait till their pending liquor license is approved or not and all the drunks from the bar start pissing and leaving drink glasses in the street, like happens at all the other establishments in this area. Nice Job by the owners of the hotel not giving two shits about the "quality of life" on Jane Street.

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