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Where the Chairmen Stay in Hong Kong: The Conrad

Where: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
February 13, 2009 at 4:46 PM | by | ()

We all know the Conrad Tokyo's reputation as one of the world's best hotels, and the Conrad brand itself as among the top for international business travelers, but what of their Hong Kong property which towers over downtown and holds down the Conrad presence in China?

During our time in Hong Kong, we managed to get a special tour of the sparkling property, including a sneak peek inside their exclusive Chairman's Suite on one of the higher floors, featuring ridiculously amazing views of both Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour. Join us, won't you, as we delve into the business traveler paradise that is The Conrad Hong Kong.

The Rooms: The key words for The Conrad's standard rooms are classic and efficient, but all in the most luxe of terms. Choose between a peak or a harbour view, and if you're in a suite, well then you've got the best of both worlds. Upon entering any of their rooms, you will first meet with a xiao long bao box of chocolates and fresh fruit, which is just one of the many reminders of the Asian culture which The Conrad cultivates. We recommend splurging for a harbour view room, as then the sunrise won't be right in your face when you awaken early for a business meeting.

The Restaurants: Again, with the first Michelin Guide to Hong Kong, many of Hong Kong's already well-regarded restaurants are being rewarded with stars. The Conrad is not to be left out, and its Golden Leaf Cantonese Restaurant claimed a single Michelin star. In addition, the Nicholini's Restaurant has been called the "Best Overseas Italian Restaurant" by the President of Italy. We say that if you only have a few days at The Conrad, or just in Hong Kong, the hotel's hidden cake shop is a must-stop secret. Located just outside of the pool deck, the cake shop sells pastries and small cakes to supplement your in-room dining, or as the perfect gift for a host.

The Amenities: As one of the top-rated business hotels, The Conrad is replete with wifi and many personal services, such as their executive lounge boasting a view over the harbour and free goodies throughout the day. You need not stay in one of the executive level rooms to have access to it; simply pay the extra fee and gain meeting space and cocktails in the evening. We cannot end without mentioning their pool deck and bar, which unlike most hotels is located almost on the ground floor of the hotel; it would be the choice for those with fear of heights yet hoping for a refreshing dip.

Bottom Line: With their standard peak-view rooms beginning at $320 a night, The Conrad is priced for those on expense accounts or determined to enjoy Hong Kong in style. Although Conrads are known as consummate business hotels, the pool and cake shop at this location hint at a more fun side, one that plays along with the liveliness of the city and welcomes leisure travelers as well. While we will most likely never see the inside of The Chairman's Suite again, it is always fun to dream.

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