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Waldorf Astoria Drops the Equals Sign We'd Barely Noticed

February 10, 2009 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

Some marketing guru probably got paid a packet to make this earth-shattering decision: the Waldorf Astoria Collection have changed their branding. They've taken out the equals sign from Waldorf=Astoria and replaced it with a space.

Now although here at HotelChatter we have, on very rare occasions, used the Waldorf=Astoria branding, we've usually assumed that a simple hyphen will do and stuck to Waldorf-Astoria. Looks nicer, doesn't it? But we can live equally well with a space between the words instead. In fact, we'd go so far as to say it really doesn't make much difference.

As well as changing their punctuation, Waldorf Astoria will soon be launching a new logo which, again according to marketing-speak, will be

indicative of the evolution and globalization of the luxury brands and celebration of their 21st century relevance.

And we can hardly wait for that.

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Archived Comments:


I thought it was called a double-hyphen?  anyway ... I always thought it looked rediculous.

The mysterious =

Im sure that you all know/ knew this but the = originally designated the corridor that connected the Waldorf and the Astoria hotels when they became the combined hotel.  They kept it as a shout out to their heritage for a long time, but i guess in bulding their new "brand", history fell away.

A Horror

Leave it to Hilton to tarnish a Grand Dame Hotel! There should be a law prohibiting these huge chains from destroying history all for the sake of branding.


It's always been like this. I walk by it every day. The corporate identity has not changed.

yeah, they never changed the sign ...

... which was a sure sign that the = would never last. But the powers that be at WA say yes, the branding is all different now that their marketing people have changed the punctuation.