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Jumeirah Emirates Tower :: A Good Spot to Meet a Sheik for a Drink

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In Dubai money still seems to trump religion and culture. The teeny tiny sliver of a country is a mere desert road trip from Saudi Arabia and Oman, and just an abra jaunt from Iran and Iraq. But Dubai is more green zone than red zone. Dubai's like Macau without the gambling. Disneyworld and Kings Dominion by the Arabian Sea. And again, the Las Vegas of the Middle East. It's also a great place to find yourself slinging back shots with a Sheik -- indoors that is.

One thousand and twenty four feet up in the sky and on the 51st floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers is the Vu Bar, where a friendly Saudi Sheik chatted us up. If there was going to be a time when we were going to get chatted up by a Sheik, we guess it would be in the Jumeirah brand's business hotel.

While the other Jumeirah hotels are more luxe (Burj al Arab) and resorty (Madinat Jumeirah and Jumierah Beach Hotel), JET seems to be the "work really hard and secretly party harder" spot. Like all the hotels in Dubai, the laws and freedoms are different inside than on the outside. Inside JET there's a mall, a late-late night karaoke nightclub and various bars, lounges and intimate spots to get whatever you want to get on, on.

Out of all of the Jumeirah properties, JET was our preferred hotel. We toured and had lunch in the Madinat Jumeirah, a beautiful property that felt more Venetian-meets-Aladdin-Vegas resort than recreated semi-local history. Dinner at the Burj al Arab was visually stunning. You take a "Finding Nemo" simulated submarine elevator ride down one level to the restaurant that is nearly completely lined with aquarium tank. Despite the price and the assumption that you might eat what you see swimming by out of the corner of your eye, the food wasn't terribly amazing. (In fact, nothing tasted incredible in Dubai since most food is shipped.)

JET has a sleeker, subtler, less monetarily assaulting style to it. The customer service was above and beyond. We loved the baskets of Turkish dates and the cardamom infused Turkish coffee located in the lobby and free to nibble on throughout the day. (Word of the wise: Don't overdo it!) We especially dug the key tags in the shape of the asymmetrical hotel tower that admit you throughout the hotel, elevators and appropriate floors with some kind of recognition device. (You can keep them too as the only affordable souvenir.)

Because it's a business hotel, if there was a dress code it would be suits, suits and suits. And if not suits, then ghutra, egals and thobes. There is nothing like experiencing the awkwardness of riding in JET's glass elevators in just a bathing suit and cover up along with men sporting traditional garb and skilled with remarkable peripheral vision.

JET's mega mall has all the high-end stores we have back in the States, but when in Dubai, they boast even higher prices. Both the pool, the restaurant and bars are slick spots to see and be seen. It's common to see blond Western women giggling over drinks with traditional Saudi businessmen.

JET's rooms are easy to live in as many only at-the-moment financially secure Americans are enjoying a plush life so long as their company budgets last. JET is most tastefully decorated and classically understated, and has awesome in-house bath and shower products. Of all the hotels JET seems the most like one where the architect actually walked through the room and put plenty of and hooks, electrical plugs, mirrors, and closets exactly where you would expect and want them to be. Also, JET is consistent with only providing soft toilet paper too. The rooms have broadband, and the lobby, pool cafe and in some parts around the pool there is free wifi. But do be careful, it's so freaking hot, your laptop might melt!

JET double and twin deluxe rooms start at AED = 1.695 ($461.657) for the ever developing cityscape views. JET isn't by the beach but, Phantom car service is always there for your every whim.

[Top Photo: Ravages; Room Photo: Fiveaside; Lobby Photo: Fiveaside]

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Jumeirah Emirates

Out of all of the Jumeirah properties, JET was our preferred hotel.