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Most Provocative OpenThread: Tipping The Housekeeper

December 30, 2009 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

It's what you've been waiting all year for--The 2009 HotelChatter Awards! We'll be bringing you the best and worst of the year (and the decade) all day today and part of tomorrow. Agree or disagree with our picks? Air your thoughts in comments below.


More than ever in 2009, we opened up the doors of conversation to you dear readers to tell us what you want, don't want, like or don't like during your hotel stays. We're so grateful that every time we put forth a question, you were ready to tell us honestly what you think.

And nothing got more people hot and bothered than the Honestly, Do You Tip Your Housekeeper OpenThread. So we decided to give it a new award especially: The Most Provocative OpenThread.

Most of the comments agree that you should tip your housekeeper but you probably shouldn't leave it at the front desk. PatrickSw writes:

Please. Those goons will divide your tip up equally between the departments of me, myself, and I. Better yet, why not tip each day if you know you're going to be there over several days-- then you know the person who cleaned your room gets your tip.

PhiladelphiaGuy actually spells it out how much and how often saying:

$5. Everyday. On the desk. With a "thank you". These people have what may be one of the worst, most unappreciated, UNDERPAID positions in the entire hospitality industry. It may be my white-male-upper-class-guilt talking, but this is def a travel mantra must for me on any trip.

Even better, a real housekeeper chimed in and told us why they accidentally wake you up in your room:

To the person who said housekeepers wake people up you have to understand we don't do it on purpose. every morning we get a list of rooms that are checking out and stay overs could be from 16 rooms to 20 rooms a day. check outs take 30min or more depending on the shape of the room and stay overs take about 15min-20 min. so thats why we start so early knocking on the doors to see which rooms are vacant so we can try to clean all the rooms in 8 hrs which doesn't always happen i work about 10-12 hrs a day depending on the day.

PatriciaSparks says she heard that housekeeping might like small gifts instead:

I read somewhere that is is nice to leave small dollar store items for the housekeeper. What kinds of things would be appreciated in Mexico? Any ideas?

We've never heard that before but we do know that money talks. So if you've got between $2 to $5, leave it for the people cleaning up after your mess.

Wanna share your own thoughts on tipping the housekeeper? Put it here.

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these girls (to a lesser degree guys) make about $4 to clean a room.  the irony of course, this may be the least tipped job in hospitably.  open that wallet (purse) and pay it forward.


these girls (to a lesser degree guys) make about $4 to clean a room.  the irony of course, this may be the least tipped job in hospitality.  open that wallet (purse) and pay it forward.

re: Most Provocative OpenThread: Tipping The House

I dont think that housekeepers receive tips from the majority of their rooms. However, I often feel that they deserve a tip. Certainly the wages are not great and sometimes they have to rely in payday loans, and as we are often traveling on business the expense is deductible. Even if its not, when you are staying in a $300 or $400 a night room (especially at a resort you are staying at for 5 nights or so) an extra $5 or even $10 (I guess I overtip!) is not a big deal. It is amazing how appreciative the housekeepers are. I once left a $5 tip at an airport hotel that I had stayed two nights at. On the morning of my checkout I had a meeting in one of the conference rooms at the hotel. Even though I was checking out that day the housekeeper came and made up my room. I saw her in the hall and she thanked me for the tip and explained that she knew I was leaving but just wanted to have the room fresh for after my meeting. Her actions reaffirmed for me how much the few dollars are appreciated and probably needed by the housekeeping staff. If you can afford it I say spread the wealth.