Guess Where We Made Hot Green Tea This Morning

December 3, 2009 at 2:29 PM | by | ()

We promise this isn't a sort of 12 days of Guess The Hotel or anything but we just can't help it, we have too many good photos to show you.

Our latest edition takes us to this hotel in a big city in America which comes with a small kitchen, complete with a microwave that allowed us to make some hot green tea this morning. And this room isn't a big spender suite either.

Here's how the game works: Below are some clues to get your guessing going. When you think you know what hotel it is, drop your guesses in comments below. We'll do a reveal of the hotel tomorrow. And away we go.

· It's near a beautiful big park.
· The hotel is best for business travelers or folks with extended stay needs.
· There's a ZipCar rental service available here.
· Madonna's dancers camped out here for a while. Think you know the hotel we're hinting at? Start putting in your guesses in comments below!

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It's so big!