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It's a Christmas Miracle: 'Jersey Shore' Gang Denied at W Hoboken

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December 24, 2009 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

The Jersey Shore reality show on MTV is the show you just can't bring yourself to look away from. Being from New Jersey, we initially refused to watch the show (especially since most of these folks aren't even from NJ) but one night when we consumed enough liquid courage to observe guidos in their summertime habitat, we found the show enthralling. But also confusing.

Namely, our questions center around hair: What is up with Snooki's hair poof? How come no one tells Pauly D his hair looks weird? Why does Sammi take our her hair extensions while fighting with Ronnie? What is that thing hanging from JWOWW's hair? And lastly, how old is The Situation? He looks like the old man in the club here.

Despite our hair questions, the show has gone on to be one of the most controversial and most talked about shows on MTV, drawing ire from Italian-American Groups and the New Jersey Tourism Board and love from pop culture fiends everywhere. (See MTV? This is what happens when you employ "real" people, not fembots from The Hills.)

So popular is the show that the cast members have started making the rounds on the party circuit, turning up at respectable clubs in NYC.

But while it's all fine and good for these Shore-goers to show up at clubs and "fight the beat" on their own dime, there's no way any club is going to pay them an appearance fee. Page Six reports:

The cast members of MTV's hit show "Jersey Shore" aren't as famous as they think. We hear their managers have been trying to get clubs to shell out up to $10,000 for appearance fees -- but no venues are taking the bait. "The Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken turned them down," a source tells us. "They keep turning up at places like Marquee and Tenjune and the Eldridge for free, so why pay?" A rep for MTV didn't get back to us.

Way to stand strong W Hoboken. You're already at a disadvantage trying to keep up with the cool kids in the city. Hosting Snookie, JWOWW, Sammi, Ronnie, Pauly D and The Situation wouldn't help your reputation at all. Well, maybe you could host The Situation. He does have some killer abs to show off.

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