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Courtney Love to Brings Her Special Brand of Crazy To The Standard on NYE

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December 23, 2009 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

Even though this is a post about a New Yearís Eve party, consider it a Public Service Announcement: Courtney Love is performing at The Standard NYC on New Yearís Eve.

Now, we made that bold but we feel like it deserves flashing red warning lights around it. We canít think of anything worse than spending the first moments of 2010 with Love, but maybe youíre the kind of person who digs watching train wrecks happen right before your eyes, and can steel yourself for an awkward emotional outburst from the messiest person in the room come midnight.

Maybe youíd even like to spend $250 and up for that honor? Thatís the starting price for tickets to this ďpartyĒóand they go into the thousands if you want a table with views of the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.

We know that Love is a frequent visitor to The Standard, but we canít imagine what the hotel was thinking. Was no one else available? Tons of celebs were at the opening of the Boom Boom Room (including Love), and weíre sure that if Andre just worked the phones for a bit longer heíd come up with a much more upbeat choice for New Yearís entertainment.

Not only does Love have a history of creating a scene at The Standard, she is also having the worst festive season EVER. Itís barely been two weeks since Love lost custody of daughter Frances Bean (who then got a restraining order against her mom), and letís remember that this is someone who acts unpredictably at the best of times. If her Facebook rants about the Frances situation werenít a big enough warning sign about her current mood, Spinner is reporting that before the custody hoo-ha Love had planned to give Frances a house in the West Village for Christmas. Somehow, we donít think this week is going to be so Merry, after all, and we canít imagine that things will improve by the 31st.

Still, if youíre brave enough to want in on this charade, you can buy tickets here. Just make sure you bring enough money to get you through the night. There is a champagne toast at midnight included in your ticket but for the rest of the night itís cash bar. Again, we say, WTF?

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