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Figure Out Whether to Dump Your Cheating Tiger at Personality Hotels

December 21, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Mull over your alimony options at Hotel Diva.

If you're feeling Elin Nordegren's fidelity pains, you can hide out at Personality Hotels to figure out whether to ditch your cheating Tiger. The female-owned-and-operated company wants to show some women solidarity with its Love Him or Leave Him package.

You can nurse your broken heart at one of the brand's six San Francisco hotels—Hotel Diva, Hotel Frank, Hotel Vertigo, Hotel Union Square, Hotel Metropolis and Kensington Park Hotel—for an evening and bring your girlfriends for support.

To help you make a decision, you'll get a "Love Him or Leave Him" questionnaire—where he'll get -3 points for leaving the toilet seat up but +5 for getting you fresh flowers. We wonder how many points are deducted for banging 11 women who aren't your wife? The hotel company will also offer you relationship advice from a pro on when to keep him and when to walk.

As part of the package, you'll receive a Limbo Kit, which also tries to help you figure out if you should stay or go. It comes with a Magic 8 Ball—in case you want leave it to chance—a Rye on the Road truth serum cocktail, a voodoo doll and a truth candle.

The Love Him or Leave Him package is available through April 30. Rates start at $135.

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