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If You Work in a Hotel or a Nightclub, You Might Be Tiger's Type

December 3, 2009 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

It looks like Tiger Woods has a thing for hospitality ladies.

The billionaire golfer recently admitted to some "personal transgressions" in his life and there's no doubt his affairs spurred the bizarro car crash outside his house after Thanksgiving. But in looking at the gals that Tiger supposedly was involved with, we can't help but notice he has a "type", a brunette that works in the hospitality biz of some kind and is very chatty.

The first affair to break was with Rachel Uchitel, a random VIP nightclub hostess from New York, who accompanied Tiger on a recent trip Down Under in Melbourne. This lovely lady has now gone on to hire pitbull/fameball lawyer Gloria Allred and is having a press conference, in LA, about her affair with Tiger. (Sorry, we just can't see this woman being hired in the hospitality biz again.)

Another gal who Tiger hooked up with was Jaimee Grubbs, a former contestant on the gross Tool Academy reality show, who's also a cocktail waitress at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Los Angeles. Jaimee reportedly played her co-workers voicemails that Tiger left her. (We wonder, did she charge them to listen to that too?)

Out in Vegas, Kalika Moquin, a marketing manager for The Bank nightclub at Bellagio was hooking up with Tiger as well. However, she's kept a pretty low profile and we don't think she'll be holding any press conferences or angling for money to appear on a cover of a weekly tabloid magazine. (Finall, some decency!)

If Tiger's wife, Elin, decides to keep him we strongly suggest that she oversee all of his travel and hotel plans. Forget five-star luxury hotels with sexy bars and nightclubs inside. Put Tiger in Marriott instead!

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It's the alpha male thing, right? Tiger isn't handsome to me, but neither is he not handsome. He's just alright. If it wasn't for his sports stardom and bajillion dollars, these girls wouldn't be hitting that.


TW was gangly and strange looking youth. Then one day he woke up and was a handsome man with facial hair!He probably never dated much when he was young due to practicing golf all day. Now he's playing catch-up and thinking he's being downlow by going for the hospitality chicks. Who hasn't seen this story before? Well, besides scorned wife busting a window with a golf club! That's gangster!


put him in the marriott - brilliant.
although i think to get his attention you need a couple of other things as well as working in the hospitality industry.

Fame and money

...is a strong draw to anyone that doesn't have it. The question isn't why the girls find him attractive, it's "why is he cheating on his wife?" There may be some explanation in the fact that his college teammates nicknamed him Urkel and he's now living a seriously non-Urkel life.