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The Sunset Tower Hotel Won't Tolerate Drunk Make-Up Artists

December 18, 2009 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Drunk Make-up artists! Table8 Closes at Cooper Square! Jimmy Buffett's Buffet Hotel! Miley's Barely There Shorts!

It always seems that no matter how much Celebrity Scoop we write about in a given week, there's also lots more that we didn't have time to get to. So from now on, every Friday we'll be rounding up the week's Infamous Hotels. This weekly list will include hotels that celebrities visited (and it made the news) but also hotels that really up the "Eww" factor. This can easily done if you are Jessica Simpson's make-up artist and you get sloshed at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

· Sunset Tower Hotel: We knew the Sunset Tower took no bullshit from its guests or employees but now we know they will not tolerate make-up artists who get wasted and "disturb the peace." Mary Phillips, on the right here in JSimp's TweetPhoto, was arrested early this morning for being drunk in public, according to TMZ. Word is her BFF and client, Jessica Simpson tried to bail her out but was turned away because Phillips was too drunk to be let out. Hmmm...sounds like our kind of girl. [TMZ]

· The EPIC Hotel: While health department officials conducted a press conference to clear the hotel in the death of a tourist from Legionnaire' disease, the EPIC still remains closed and tests on the hotel's water filtration system are still ongoing. [Miami Herald]

· Buffet Hotel: No Jimmy Buffett is not opening a hotel, but he did name his new album after a real hotel in Mali, The Buffet Hotel. Yes, the extra L is supposed to be missing. [Houston Chronicle]

· Cooper Square Hotel: Table8 at the Cooper Square has shuttered after 7 months. The dirty laundry hung out over their patio by upset neighbors could be to blame. The owner's partner also is involved in a sick fetus abortion scandal. Yuck [NY Post]

· Intercontinental Tampa: Miley Cyrus wears short shorts at this hotel in Tampa. We would be outraged if we weren't so jealous that we're no longer 15 and able to wear short shorts. [Us Weekly]

[Photo: Jessica Simpson's Tweet Photo]

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