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London's New Hotel Rafayel to Open on Friday

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  Site Where: Falcon Wharf Building, 34 Lombard Road, London, United Kingdom, SW11 3RF
December 14, 2009 at 1:07 PM | by | Comments (9)

How’s this for perfect timing: while the politicos are busy debating climate change in Copenhagen, London’s new Left Bank is about to show the world that green can be trendy, gorgeous, and pretty effortless too.

Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank is opening (on schedule! Hurray!) on Friday, and this morning it uploaded some photos to its blog that made us feel pretty excited. The good news is that the bedrooms (and bathrooms) are looking big and flooded with natural light and the views are going to be pretty fabulous.

Room categories are named after rivers (Mississippi and Yangtze rooms, Amazon and Nile suites), rainwater is going to be harvested from the roof, guests will be offered electronic rather than paper newspapers, and there will be a no plastic policy – expect your toiletries in big glass bottles, not nickable miniatures.

Even better, they’re running an opening offer until February (although that’s provisional, according to a charming lady we spoke to on the phone this morning): Mississippi rooms and Amazon suites are half price (from £120 and £230 respectively), while Yangtze rooms are 55 percent off (£165) and Nile suites are reduced by 70 percent, from £900 a night down to £285. Which should make up for not being able to fill our boots with smellies.

We still have a few reservations about the location (as does the Guardian, which has featured the hotel in its architecture section), but then again, they wouldn’t have had anything else to play with on other parts of the river, as the Thames is so built up. And when it looks like this, and has excellent starting rates, there’s no way we’re going to argue.

Comments (9)

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Falcon Wharf

OMG! Those room rates ARE my christmas present!


Hotel Rafayel opening

The hypocrisy of doing something about environment consumes nearly every one of us, yet very little is actually done as it needs a lot of commitment and effort.

I have been a pro environmental person totally committed to the lofty ideals of Rafayel Hotel. Their actions and deeds are showing the way forward for very reluctant actors of the environment debate; on occasion of Copenhagen conference to have this going is a great achievement.

Simply fantastic!

Awesome! Seems to me Hotel Rafayel is set to shoot up the ladder and be one of the most unique hotels in London. I was fascinated with the "green" features the hotel has laboured to incorporate. Great mission statement too. Kudos to them.

I make frequent trips to London and am fed up with the cramped rooms most hotels offer, but Rafayel promises so much breathing room!! No more claustrophobia! And the views are to-die-for! I can't wait to get there.


So pretty!

I love the elegance of this room. So much I don't even mind how drab it looks out the window!


Elegance of a hi-tide in Thames has its own unique beauty. Thames shit-creek is talk of the past as sometime even a stray salmon fish finds its way up the estuary nowadays.

Battersea reputation as the 'dogs home' and `a redundant power station' quarter of London is now replaced by some very expensive pieces of property along the river; I call it the 'new Rivera' of London along the river, though 'The left bank' call I think is a bit of a  hype, for that to be justified let them have some intellectual regularly gathering there.

Please have a walk along the riverwalk sometime. Your impressions would considerably change. Most likely full heighted windows at the Rafayel will reflect the riverside living notion of London adequately.


The unique and exciting aspect of the new Hotel Rafayel, is the fact that it has fully devoted itself to being an eco-friendly property. There are absolutely no gimmicks involved with this project, proven by the substantial investments undertaken since the beginning of its construction (including LED lighting throughout, rain-harvesting facilities and state of the art recyclable energy management and air conditioning units-just to name a few!) Reducing the average carbon footprint for a hotel guest in London from 70kg/night to 17kg/night at Rafayel, completely speaks for itself!!

As for the location - while it is undoubtedly ambitious, floor to ceiling windows in the rooms will provide spectacular views of the river and nearby Chelsea Harbor. The Hotel Rafayel will be one of the only locations in London where one can witness a helicopter landing at the nearby heliport, plane flying overhead, train passing on the bridge, and boat cruising by on the Thames!!!

The genuine concept of embracing modern technology and luxurious comforts while significantly minimizing it's impact on the environment, is a massive step in the right direction.

Hotel Rafayel - a rising jewel on the south bank

According to Wikipedia there are 101,000 hotel rooms in London however also according to Wikipedia most of these hotels are self-styled 5-star.

Of these 101,000 rooms, only 2000 rooms would truly count as 5-star by the traditional classication. However it is my firm opinion the Hotel Rafayel's 65 rooms triumph right for  the top slots for; quality, technology, respect for the environment, price, value and service.


I havent seen anything like this in London so far! it really is brilliant! Loved the idea behind it!

Two thumbs up to Hotel Rafayel!!!


Kool to be hip at Rafayel!

Here's a place that should be in your must-stay-at list. Modern, stylish, eco-conscious (is that a contradiction in terms?!). Rafayel on the Left Bank oozes warmth and luxury. No generic run-of-the-mill hotel this! Terrific "responsible" efforts in adhering to the "green" philosophy. Hotels in industrialized nations need to take a page off Rafayel's books. To top it all, excellent value for money for maximum luxury. Good job, Rafayel!

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