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Anyone Adventuring into Aloft At All?

December 14, 2009 at 11:39 AM | by | ()

We are just now coming down off our high from staying at an Element Hotel by Westin in Las Vegas, especially since we've moved onto a much more expensive hotel that doesn't offer free WiFi, free parking or free breakfast. Grrr....

But after staying in an Element, we started to think more about Starwood's other new start-up brand, Aloft Hotels. We mentioned that we, personally, did not enjoy our stay at Aloft Rancho Cucamonga. However, another HotelChatter writer totally dug the Aloft Lexington--so much so that it made our Best Hotel Video Tour for 2008. But we think that had more to do with the torturously long wait for the first Aloft to open than it did with anything cool in the rooms.

Yet other than our reviews and the nonstop press releases announcing the new Aloft hotels that have opened or will open, we have not heard much about Aloft from travelers. It's been radio silent in fact. Until last week, when one HotelChatter reader wrote into us about his recent Aloft stay. Here goes:

After 1 night stay in Aloft San Antonio, I can only conclude Aloft is another SPG property designed for young people who don’t care about anything but loud loud rock music and zero comfort.

Have the designers of W and Aloft EVER spent a night in a hotel after a long, tiring, frustrating day of business? I don’t think so. Other than an accomplished ability to push their so-so Bliss products and squeeze too little into too small rooms I am not sure how they define comfort.

The Westin brand proves SPG DOES know something about running hotels but where does it go wrong with ‘Whatever We Want Whenever We Want’ W and now Aloft .. a junior but equally harsh edged W.

Talk about harsh. But is there any truth to what our reader says? Is Aloft just for young people?

We put out an APB on Twitter asking if anyone has stayed at an Aloft and only one person wrote back. @Maggiesoladay told us: "i have stayed at Aloft in Bentonville ARKANSAS! i liked it a lot. such a relief when you have to be in Bentonville."

Well, Aloft does have the most randomest locations and we'd definitely prefer it to a trucker motel or something but would we seek it out? Probably not.

What about you? Have you stayed in an Aloft Hotel? What did you think of it? Haven't stayed in an Aloft Hotel before, why not? Drop your thoughts on Aloft in comments below.

Archived Comments:


I stayed at the one in Lexington MA when it opened.  I have heard that the Lexington MA bar is the place to be seen for the mid-late thirties suburban crowd that lives around those parts.  Not sure that is what aloft was going for, but find your niche right?

aloft Denver Airport

Stayed there in May.  I felt like I was the only guest - it was EMPTY.  It is sort of like a baby W Hotel with Ikea-grade furnishings.  Hated the public spaces and elevators, but hey, I am in my 40s.  The room wasn't bad, clean and pleasant enough for one person for a one night stay - Westin-quality mattress, 40" flatscreen on the wall and a big walk-in shower.  It was like $84 for the night, less than the neighboring chain hotels were all charging. I frequent Starwood's better-quality chains, so I know the difference.

Will try the ones in Dallas and Milwaukee when I am there next summer.

aloft Philadelphia Airport

I recently stayed at the aloft near the Philly airport.  I was extremely disappointed.  The room seemed used and abused.  I wasnt too keen on the bumping music in the lobby - especially after traveling all day.

airport alofts

i was going to say that airport alofts seem to be the best ones but then i read the comment on aloft philly. i just thought the furnishings were rather cheap and the rooms were sparse. the concept i really don't mind, i just wish they could have added some more oomph to it somewhere.


The best part about aloft is the Bliss amenities being wall-mounted instead of fumbling with and wasting millions of tiny bottles every year.  This is the best move the hotel industry has made in a long time.

I also like their luggage carts... just like airport trolleys instead of something hard to maneuver...

aloft Broomfield (near Denver)

Stayed at the aloft Broomfield for 2 nights.  Seemed very hip, but it also felt a bit cheap.  The rooms, like so many other hotels were not soundproof and I could hear the guests in the room above me stomping around. Not sure I would go out of my way to stay there again.

The best part for me was the staff...absolutely top notch.