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Stay at the Buckingham Hotel's Penthouse For a Song

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November 4, 2009 at 12:43 PM | by | ()

If youíve dreamed of living in a New York penthouse but only ever get as far as flipping through the ads in the Times real estate section, you might now be closer to living your dream thanks to the Buckingham Hotel. Sitting atop the small boutique hotel near Carnegie Hall is The Martinelli Penthouse, which was once home to opera singer Giovanni Martinelli when he was performing at the Met, and also used by musical star Bobby Van as a dance studio.

Now, the two-bedroom duplex with a totally awesome terrace is available for meetings, private parties, and of course as hotel accommodations for cashed-up guests. We know, we know, youíre thinking: why are you telling me this? I could never afford something so luxurious. Thatís what we thoughtóbut then we learned that the Buckingham has slashed the regular rate for the penthouse by 50%.

Weíre used to hearing about 20-30% discounts on hotel room rates, but half price is not something we hear too often when it comes to New York hotels. Especially ones as fancy as this: the Martinelli has a state-of-the-art kitchen, separate gazebo dining area for 8, a living room with a plasma TV, surround sound, and working fireplace (thatís key now the mercury has dipped). Both bedrooms have their own bathrooms, and the master suite is on its own floor with views in four directions. And of course thereís that terrace: 1,400 square foot of outdoor space where you can drape yourself against a city backdrop and gaze out over Central Park.

Usually this baby would set you back $3,000 a night, but between now and December 22nd, itís just $1,500 a night. Yes, we realize thatís still a chunk of change, but split the cost between two couples (and maybe another few friends who drop by to roast marshmallows by that fire), and itís a much more impressive deal. Especially when you consider that a suite at most top New York hotels would cost you $750 and up.

To book the Martinelli Penthouse, you have to call (888) 511-1900. Just donít get too excited about the idea of craning your neck to catch some of the Thanksgiving parade from that terrace: this deal is not available November 25-26.

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