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Ride Around The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in a Bentley Golf Cart

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  Site Where: 905 Country Club Rd. [map], Ojai, CA, United States, 90323
November 5, 2009 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

While we were getting a preview of the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa’s upcoming Celebrity Chef Golf Classic last week, we poked around the resort’s Casa Elar, and spotted this Bentley golf cart just sitting there in the villa’s garage.

Apparently normal golf carts just aren’t good enough for the VIP’s that rent out five-bedroom villa. Of course, if we were spending $15,000 a night for a three-night minimum, we’d want a Bentley golf cart to ferry us around the property too…if not an actual Bentley.

Can’t pony up the cash for the Casa Elar? Don’t worry. The rest of us plebes (paying a measly $350 per night!) might just be able to sweet talk our way into an afternoon of pimpin’ in the Escalade golf cart we spotted elsewhere on the property.

Now if only there were a Batmobile golf cart…

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Cart Info

This cart is made by <a href="http://www.pennwick.com/">http://www.pennwick.com/</a>

Check out the site to see not only this cart but others.  They are working on a new sports car style cart.